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NC Live, Other Databases and Resources: Find Ebooks

Guide to helping students accessing library services from off-campus

Searching for Ebooks

This page will assist in searching for Ebooks.

The left box will guide users in search for ebooks via NCLIVE.                              The right box will guide users in search for Ebooks via Summon

Search for Ebooks via


Click the Icon about to search for Ebooks in NCLIVE

  1. Click on the NCLIVE Icon.
  2. If you are off-campus, a prompt to enter your Sandhills Login will appear
  3. It will be the same as your Sandhills Email or Moodle login.
  4. You will now be at the NCLIVE search screen for Ebooks
  5. Go down to the second (2nd) search box. It will be below the “BROWSE NC LIVE RESOURCES” title
    1. The box should also say “Search NC LIVE E-Books”
  6. Type in your search terms and click the “SEARCH” button
  7. A screen with a list of titles that match your search will appear
  8. You may now have one of two options appear
    1. A screen that says “Welcome to Ebook Central!” and wants you to select your institution. SELECT SANDHILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE and click “Continue” The links to view the ebook should now appear.
    2. The other option should take you directly to the link to read the Ebook.

Click here for an illustrated guide to search NCLIVE Ebooks

Search for Ebooks using Summon

Search for ebooks through Summon using the Search Box above

  1. Type in your search and click the "Search" button
  2. A list of titles will appear
  3. From this screen you can add, change, or eliminate search terms
  4. Each title listed has a few options
    1. Access the full text of the book
    2. Get the permanent link to paste into another web page or presentation
    3. Options for emailing or saving the title to a list
  5. To access the actual Ebook, click on the title or the "Full Text Online" link
  6. There are several Ebook providers.  The following steps high light the resource that provides most of our titles. But as a general rule follow the "Full Text" or "PDF Full Text" links. and one should be able to access the titles
  7. If you are accessing the titles via the search box above (Summon) you will need a Sandhills Log in. It will be the same as your MYSCC login, that is used for email or moodle access
  8. If you are a student and need an SCC log in, go to the following page.